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Building Steam!

A real whirlwind of a day!

Three new shorts for you to enjoy. They will be packaged with our existing stories.

Who’s been Pranking the Undead now comes with Vampire Hangs Around

Never Skinny-dip with Mermaids now comes with Banshee Vs. Maniac: 1-2-3 Debate!

Homeschooling doesn’t Suit Witches now comes with Bigfoot gets Noticed

Remember, to get started with the Monster Exchange Program series, check out Blob Fits In. Here’s an excerpt:

The talk with his brother had cheered Ernest up, just like it always did. He decided to take Hawk’s advice: slow and easy, one day at a time. In fact, Ernest vowed to make a change at this new school, to reinvent himself as the person he always wanted to be.

Ernest slid over a copper plate, leaking caustic chemicals and etching letters as he slorped forward. He left a list behind him:

1. get involved

2. make a sport team

3. make friends with the cool kids

4. meet a girl(s)

Those were some doozies as far as goals went, but Ernest fell asleep feeling confident for once.

Ernest started at his new school the following Monday. Trying to pick up on who were the coolest kids and what girls might date him, he kept his figurative ear literally to the ground.

On his very first day, he picked out a club to join: the yearbook committee. He figured, “Smile for the camera!” would be a great icebreaker as he struggled to meet new people.

Lugging the camera around without eating it proved to be a challenge. It looked delicious. Ernest decided to look on it as an exercise in self discipline.

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