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Meet Bethany: She’s SICK of being home-schooled!

Issue 5 of Monster Exchange Program will introduce you to Bethany, a sixteen year old girl who just wants to attend the local public school. The problem is, her witch mother and her demon father worry that Bethany might learn the wrong things in school. Things like friendship and kindness.

How can Bethany convince them that public school won’t cause her to lose touch with her witchy roots?

Home Schooling Doesn't Suit Witches

Home Schooling Doesn't Suit Witches

Here’s an excerpt:

Her father saw right to the heart of the matter. “This is about the home schooling, isn’t it?” he asked gently.
Bethany could only sniff and nod.

“Your mother…” He paused, looking for the right words. “Your mother loves you very much. Maybe she’s a little over-protective of you. She’s just worried you might become uncorrupted in a school full of other kids.”

“Yeah, she thinks I’m gonna start giving alms to the-”

“‘Giving alms to the poor,’ I know. That’s been her go-to fear since she was pregnant with you.

“I’ll talk with her about the home schooling,” he promised. “We’re having dinner with the Bubs and the Hitlers this Friday. I know Beezel and his wife went through the same thing with their daughter.

“In the mean time, maybe we could start with some smaller steps? Why don’t we see about that dog again?”

Bethany’s mom was staunchly old fashioned when it came to pets. Reptiles, amphibians, crows and black cats and that was it. Bethany perked at the thought of her very own puppy. She even had a name picked out to appease her mother: Bones.

It was a sweet thought, but just a stop gap measure. Bethany needed to get out of this house. Into a school with other kids her age.

“You have to take it easy on your mother,” her dad commanded. “She’s just looking out for you.”

“I know,” Bethany admitted, sniffling. “Why’s she- Why doesn’t she…?” Bethany didn’t even know what she wanted to ask, but her father did.

“Why doesn’t she get it? You won’t understand until you’re old and have kids of your own. I know that’s not the answer you want to hear.”

“But you’re older than her. How come you’re so cool?”

Bethany’s dad laughed.

“I have a different perspective. I was always and forever will be so long as there is darkness in the hearts of men.”

“I know,” Bethany said, comforted. “What should I do?”

“You’re a strong, smart, beautiful, intelligent girl. Young woman!” he corrected himself. “You’ll figure something out.”

Her father held her for a while longer until he started, saying, “Welp! I hear dinner screaming. Come on down when you’re ready.”

Bethany waited a few minutes, her father’s words ringing in her head:

You’ll figure something out.

Bethany hatched a plan.

As always, if you’d like to get started with the Monster Exchange Program series, you can pick up issue 1, Blob Fits In, by clicking here!

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