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Guest Blogger: Ernest

*squeeeee–kin now?

It’s working? great! Thank goodness for Google Translate.

Hi, I’m Ernest. You might remember me from Blob Fits In. I was actually sort of the star of the story?
Well, if you read it, you know I’m not that great in new situations. Yet here I am, First on the chopping block to talk to you about The Monster Exchange Program.
My brother, Hawk, always makes meeting people and fitting in look so easy. Me, I get nervous. And when I’m nervous, I eat. I already melted down three keyboards working on this speech. I hope you like it.
Terri and Andi have done a really great job wit the Monster Exchange Program. Before they came along, I didn’t really have many friends. I never really fit in. I drifted from school to school, transferring when the bullying got too much for me.
But my new high school suits me just fine! I’ve got new friends. I’m getting involved. I even met a girl!
But you don’t need me spoiling the story for you. Go grab your copy of Blob Fits In. It’s FREE today, August 13.

Or heck, just grab the Complete Series. It’s a real deal!
And when you’re done reading, please take a minute to tell Terri and Andi what you thought about it and vote for me and Blob Fits In.


‘Blob Fits In’ is free today, Aug. 13

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