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Guest Blogger: Glumf

How do you puny humans type on these tiny keyboards?

Hi, I’m Glumf. Glumf from- I mean, I’m from Guh, originally. I only transferred in earlier this year, but I really feel at home here.
I’ve had a blast playing football and going to the state finals with the chess club, but what I’ll always remember most is the friends I made.
My buddy Louis tutored me in English when I arrived. Before that, I was too shy to get out there and meet people. I guess I was embarrassed about my accent.
Not only was Louis my first international friend, but he also set me up with love of my life, his sister Gertrude. Make sure you vote for her for your favorite character. I sure will. Shoutout, baby!
You know, Guh is a really neat country with a rich history and culture. If you think ogres are all big, dumb brutes, maybe you can learn a little bit about Glumf’s-… my people by reading But Ogres Don’t Play Chess!. It’s free today, after all.

Or, if you’re in the mood to learn about all types of other people and places, why not just get a copy of the Complete Monster Exchange Series?
Hey, it’s been fun, but Glumf has to- Sorry, I have to get to practice.


‘But Ogres Don’t Play Chess!’ is free today, Aug. 14

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