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Guest Blogger: Snaps Viewfinder

Hold that pose! Perfect!
That’s a keeper.

Hey, what’s up, I’m Snaps, the captain of the yearbook team. I hope you’re not shy, ’cause you won’t find me without my trusty camera.
It’s funny, you’d think someone like me who’s so focused on images, would know better than you judge someone by their appearance or first impression. I should have learned that lesson earlier, what with being surrounded by monsters and all.

Take Glumf, for instance. Just your average, hulking, green-skinned, brainless ogre, right? Nothing going on upstairs? Wrong. You’d be surprised at what Glumf’s capable of. You can check out But Ogres Don’t Play Chess! to see what I’m talking about. It’s free today, so there’s no excuse not to.

But now I need to talk to you about another important matter: Who’s gonna be ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ in the yearbook this year? Your vote will determine the winner, so get out there and tell us what you think.

And if you’re as interested in pictures as I am, you can check out the Complete Monster Exchange Program, with its beautiful full-color illustrations.

Ooh! Photo op!
See ya later!


‘But Ogres Don’t Play Chess!’ is free today, Aug. 14

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