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Guest Blogger: Arista

Attention virile males.
This is Arista. The exchange student from Atlantis? Come alone and unguarded to Make Out Lake this evening if you are interested in some skinny-dipping.
Yes, I know you’ve all heard the stories about boys mysteriously disappearing after meeting up with me for a dip. Those are just stories.
Besides, don’t you want a chance to see my magnificent body? It’s probably the best in the entire school.
No, no, don’t bring any diving equipment, I want you unprepared for what you’ll find under the water.
I promise, it will be perfectly innocuous.
Just think about what making out with a hot, sexy, non-dangerous babe like me will do for your reputation.
So leave your inhibitions and suspicions at home. I promise, you will not be eaten.


‘Homeschooling Doesn’t Suit Witches’ is free today, Aug. 16

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