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Guest Blogger: Jenny Theissenglutz

…two one… and release!
Oh hey, you just caught me doing my warm ups. You know, toe touches, stretching up to reach high shelves, crossing and uncrossing my legs. Are you okay?
When you’re the captain of the school flag team, you have to stay in good shape. And that means lots of stretching and vigorous massages with the other girls on the team. Why are you drooling?
You seem to be really in to flag sports. That’s great! If you get a chance, maybe you could head over to the polls and put in a vote for our team?
It’s been fun talking, but I need to get back to lingerie tickle-fight practi- Hello! Hello! Are you all right?
Somebody call Ms. Frankenurse, I think he feinted!


‘Robot Goes To Prom’ is free today, Aug. 19

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