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Guest Bloggers: Brad and Chad

“Dudes! Dudes! Dudes!”
“Arright, we’re not gonna waste any time begging for your vote for best characters.”
“Yeah, it’s been made pretty obvious that nobody else in this school is putting up any serious competition for that title.”
“Right! We’re here to make a totally different request:”
“We’re your favorite characters, and yet we’ve never had a starring role?”
“No Brad-and-Chad-centric issue of the Monster Exchange Program?”
“This oversight cannot be allowed to continue unopposed!”
“DEMAND Brad and Chad in Twenty-Twelve!
“Post your ideas for a sweet buddy-dude episode in the comment section.”
“Located conveniently below!”

-Brad and Chad

‘Who’s Been Pranking The Undead?’ is free today, Aug. 21

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