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Guest Blogger: Brad and Chad

“I think we’re on, dude.”
“Testes, testes. One-two, one-two.”
“Heh. Nice! ‘Testes’! Awesome.”
“What’s up? He’s Brad.”
“And he’s Chad! You may not know us.”
“But you’ve probably heard us high fiving before.”
All the coolest kids in school love hanging out with us.
“You know the dude that saved the prom? Bort? He’s one of our best bros.”
“And we’re tight with Ernest, too. I know you remember him.”

“Basically, we’re saying you should just go vote for us for Monster Exchange Program champions.”
“We know it’s a little unorthodox to run on a dual ticket like this.”
“But that’s the way we roll!”
“Our promise to you: We will use the power only to further the cause of awesome radness!”
“And/or sexy bustiness!”

-Brad and Chad (two awesome dudes!)

‘Blob Fits In’ is free today, Aug. 22

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