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Guest Blogger: Gams Adroit

Oh, hi there! You’re just in time to help me stretch.
Toe-touches are the hardest for me. Oh, I’m plenty flexible. It’s just hard for me to reach all the way to the ends of my legs.
Would you mind spotting me?
Just grab my waist. Yeah there, right above my pleated cheerleader’s skirt.
And now I’ll just bend over.
Oops, sorry! Did I bump into your thigh or groin there? Silly me!
Ample practice is important, since Flag Team is basically my life. I love being on the field, getting the whole school pumped up!
Okay, you can let go now, thanks.
Like I said, I love Flag Team. Do you think you could find it in your heart to vote for me and the rest of the girls for Most Popular Bit Character?
I said, you can let go now.

I lose more stretching partners that way…


‘Detention Of The Bodysnatchers’ is free today, Aug. 24

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