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Guest Blogger: Grace

Shh! Shh! Shut up, wait. Lisszzzzen, wait, shut up!
Wherezhur drink? What are you like a big baby milk-baby girl? Nobody in this school knows how to party!
So what, I’m drinking! I don’t give a f-*BUUURP*
Suntines I drink, so what! Sometimes, an a good girl and some times I… am… the greatest being ever to walk this planet. This planet called Earth… that I so love… *sniff*
Oh, what jhid you say, a booze? Twist my arm I don’t mind if I do!
Look at this moon-manure…nure-aveur. Man-euver. I call it “The Vertical”.
Down the hatch, bishes!

How are you not gonna vote for that?
Have I been drinking or does this place keep sexy babes in the mirrors?
Unicorn out, bitches!


‘For A Good Time, Call Unicorn’ is free today, Aug. 25

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