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Guest Blogger: Vanessa

Hello, everyone! Vanessa has arrived!
Mmm-hmm, no, yeah that’s very interesting!
Yes, I’m sure you’re little class interview project is very important, but I’m here to talk about something even better: ME!
Obviously, you’re well aware of my status as Queen Bee *haha!* around the school. I’m sure we’ve talked, I talk all the time to everyone I meet! You’ve probably seen me presiding at my lunch table. You know I won the Prom Queen trophy.
Well, Prom Queen is all well and good, but I’m gunning for “Most Popular” and I’m pretty sure I can secure that vote!
So, what are you waiting for, you ninny? Get out there and cast your vote for moi! Vanessa!


‘Homeschooling Doesn’t Suit Witches’ is free today, Aug. 26

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