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Guest Blogger: Anna Aesirdötter

Thor-bleeding-Anubis! Why do they make these things so hard to use?
How am I supposed to mark my vote with these bandage-mitten hands?!
This school needs some more accessible ballot booths. Don’t make me get my dad involved. You wouldn’t want to meet him when he’s angry.
When isn’t he angry, though? Remember when my house got vandalized? Oh, he was furious!
And Odin forbid I bring home a boy! He thinks every boy in school is out to “pillage” his daughter!
Oh, I’m making him sound awful. He’s really a pussy-cat. It’s just his berzerker blood boils so easily. You just have to know how to talk him down. Like my mom. She doesn’t even need to put a sleeping curse on him any more when he gets upset.
Anyway, the point is: I’m here voting and you should be too. At least demand that I get my own starring role in a story! It only takes a minute and you might win a free copy of The Complete Monster Exchange Program. (I recommend ‘Werewolf Stays True To Herself’, personally.)


‘Werewolf Stays True To Herself’ is free today, Aug. 30

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