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Guest Blogger: Heidi

Oh hey, what’s up? Didn’t I see you at Gents’ party a couple Saturdays ago? We didn’t really get a chance to talk. I was pretty busty.
I mean ‘busy’. How do you make a typo in spoken conversation? Weird!
Maybe you don’t remember me ’cause I was in the bathroom with my friend, Grace, all night. I don’t think anybody in the whole school’s ever been that drunk at one of Gents’ parties before!
Okay, now you remember me, huh?
Well then you know I’m basically a saint, the way I take care of my friends like that. Don’t you think that deserves a vote for “Best Character”?
I know I’m tiny (both in stature and in the role I played in ‘For A Good Time, Call Unicorn’), but I’m spunky and I’ve got what it takes to represent the Monster Exchange Program!


‘Werewolf Stays True To Herself’ is free today, Aug. 30

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