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Guest Blogger: Paquita

Hnnuuuuuugh-lo. Brains for meeting me here.
I mean, ‘Thanks’ of corpse.
‘Scuse me. It must be time for my medicine…
That’s better. Okay, enough undead puns. I’m setting my people back about a hundred-and-fifty years with them.
But what I was saying, was: Thanks for meeting with me. A lot of the students here won’t come within a mile of me.
I’ve been thinking about running for “Best Character”. Can I count on your vote? No zombie’s ever won before. I could be the Jackie Robinson of humorous, young adult, monster-themed fiction!
Man, just thinking about it makes me…

Maybe you should hurry off to the ballot booths now.


‘Who’s Been Pranking The Undead?’ is free today, Aug. 31

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