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Guest Blogger: Robert VanDollarshaver

Oim Mister Dollarshaver’s lackey. An on account a’ Mr. Dollarshaver don’t socialize wif the loiks a’ you, Oil be the one tellin’ you wot-how to vote for Mr. Dollarshaver in the election for most popular student.
Y’see, wot makes Mr. Dollarshaver so great is the dollar-monies which-wot he does-do has. If there’s a richer kid in school, Oi ain’t ‘eard a’ ‘im!
Moy Mr. Dollarshaver ‘ere, has-hobbin wiz-wot-do-deemed to honor you wif a word or two:

I say!


‘But Ogres Don’t Play Chess!’ is free today, Sep. 2

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