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Guest Blogger: Psst Cribnotes

Hey. Over here.
So, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about this election for school champ.
As captain of the cheating team, I’m privy to certain information, namely, in this case, the winner of the election!
Oh, you thought a bunch of kids could come together and democratically elect the most popular kid in the entire school?
Sorry, man, but the hidden elders of the school aren’t gonna let that happen.
They’re out there, man. And they don’t want your opinions or your free will. They want you to step in line and mind the status quo.

Trust me, I know. I’ve seen ’em!
Look, as an act of human solidarity, I’ll just give you the answers to the election.
The winner for ‘Most Popular Char-‘
The alarm! Let’s get out of here, man!


‘Detention Of The Bodysnatchers’ is free today, Sep. 3

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