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Guest Blogger: Greegor

Aw, c’mon! “Greegor”? Did Silas talk you into that?
I’ve told him a million times, it’s just “Greg”!
Man, if he hears someone else calling me that, he’s never gonna stop trying to boss me around. ‘Course, he already thinks he’s the king-shit of school mountain. Everyone has to obey his every whim!
You know what I need to do? I should get in on that “Best Character” action. If I got everybody to vote for me, he’d have to realize I was more than just a lackey.
Let’s see, who can I ask to vote for me? There’s the flag team, those girls love me.
Or maybe I should start with the girls volleyball team?
Or maybe the sensual massage team…


‘Homeschooling Doesn’t Suit Witches’ is free today, Sep. 6

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