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Guest Blogger: Lance Majestic

“Hi there,”
Wait for panties to soak.

Man, that’s a great opening line. So awesome of me to think of it.
I’m Lance Majestic, all-around great guy. You’ve probably seen me walking the halls, campaigning for Class President. I’ll probably win it, no big deal, whatever.
You don’t get to be as handsome, cool and popular as me without making sure that everybody loves you.
This election’s in the bag.
Well, I better get back to making you aroused and/or jealous depending on your gender and sexual persuasion.
What do you mean, you head this all before? Who are you? Look, never mind.
Okay, I gotta get back to being great. Aaaaaand…. done!


‘Who’s Been Pranking The Undead?’ is free today, Sep. 10

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