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Guest Bloggers: Mr. and Mrs. Aesir

“Honey, honey. Take it easy. You’re shouting loud enough to wake the dead!”
“Oh, gosh. Tell your mother I’m sorry.”
“Hi, everyone. You may not remember us. We’re the Aesirs. Anna’s parents?
“Aye, we were the first against the TYRANNY of the so-called principal. WHEN FIRST YE-”
“Sweetheart! Yelling! We had a small part in ‘Who’s been Pranking the Undead’. It was just bit part, really. Although I’m sure the entire school remembers us. What with my husband shaking the halls with his bellowing.”
“I can’t help it, woman! After raping and pillaging, shouting is my ninth favorite thing! I like it way better than counting! I know your gods quietly weigh your soul against a feather and la-de-dah! BUT ODIN DEMANDS SHOUTING! YEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!”
“Dear, you know I love your yelling. It’s what I first fell in love with. But right now, we’re here to remind the readers to go vote for our daughter for “Most Popular Character”.
“Right. Of course! And then a bit of shouting?”
“Of course, honey.”

-The Aesirs

‘Who’s Been Pranking The Undead?’ is free today, Sep. 10

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